Rhino Conservation

At the heart of Africa’s wilderness, the battle to save rhinos from extinction rages on. Our team is on the front lines, pioneering new approaches to protect these iconic creatures and secure a future where rhinos flourish. With two subspecies already lost, our dedication is unwavering as we strive to safeguard the remaining four African rhino subspecies.

Rhinos confront a dual threat: rampant poaching and relentless habitat loss. Since 2007, poaching has surged, fueled by sophisticated criminal networks. Despite international bans dating back to 1977, the illicit trade in rhino horn persists, buoyed by unfounded beliefs in traditional Asian medicine and the allure of status symbols. Meanwhile, the relentless march of agricultural expansion continues to erode rhino habitats, fracturing their territories and threatening their survival.

In response to these challenges, we’re pioneering innovative conservation strategies. One such endeavor sees us protecting a population of Southern White Rhinos at a private reserve in South Africa, by deploying an AI-enabled security system. By merging cutting-edge technology with tried-and-tested wildlife protection methods, we’re elevating the safety of rhinos within protected areas.

But our efforts don’t stop there. Across the continent, we’re spearheading a range of rhino conservation initiatives. From expanding rhino rangelands to forging partnerships with local communities, we’re pioneering novel approaches to ensure a future where these majestic animals thrive.

Each year, through our rhino conservation program, we select two of our Greening Young Futures graduates to attend a paid 6-month internship at a private wildlife reserve. The interns gain experience across multiple facets including hospitality, ecotourism, conservation, wildlife protection and safari guiding. In turn, our “Rhino Champions” serve as ambassadors for wildlife within their community neighbouring the reserve.